We are Texans.

We are CIOs.

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 We are Texans. We are CIOs. We want to be your Partner.

Texas CIO Partner supports Texas-based companies to resolve complex Information technology problems with its dynamic techniques and tools. Technology, and the demands for it, is evolving daily. Yesterday’s strategy needs to be reformulated with today’s conditions. At Texas CIO Partner, we couple innovation with experience. We align business IT strategies, manage complex digital transformations, optimizing performance and reduce IT costs.

As a client of Texas CIO Partner, you get our dedicated support to exploit Information Technology to achieve your business goals.
Fractional CIO is independent of vendors, technologies and software applications. Together, we have an extensive database of IT vendors. We offer unbiased recommendations in choosing the best who align with our client’s objectives.


Fractional CIO / Interim CTO

If you need technical strategy or direction but are not ready to hire a full-time CIO or CTO, Texas CIO Partners can provide the expert technical leadership your organization needs. We can engage for a few strategy sessions or make it full-time effort.


MSP issues

Whether you are looking to engage an MSP for the first time or thinking your MSP is not doing everything they promised, Texas CIO Partner can be your trusted advisor during the process. Our CIOs have worked with multiple MSPs and can help you get the most out of the relationship.


Cybersecurity / CISO

Many companies have a hard time justifying a full-time Chief Information Security Officer. Still, their business requires a high level of security to maintain operations. Texas CIO Partners offer a fractional Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) model that is affordable and keeps you safe.

Fractional CIO

Software Consulting

Have an idea for a software product or app? How do you get it developed and where? What language and tech-stack do you use? Where are you going to host it? What do you need to provide developers? These are questions you need to ask. We can help you get the answers.

  • IT and business strategies alignment
  • Technology Roadmaps
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Business Technology Strategy
  • Budget planning for technology purchases
  • Key performance metrics definition
  • ROI evaluation and budgeting
  • Service provider partnerships management
  • Vendor Contract review and negotiation
  • Key performance metrics definition
  • Performance status reports
  • Intellectual property and licensing
  • Oversight for technology initiatives
  • Resource management
  • IT governance
  • Divestiture impact analysis