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 Fractional CISO Cybersecurity

Fractional CISO services include cybersecurity gap assessment, cybersecurity risk assessment, cybersecurity strategy, cybersecurity planning, compliance activities, policy management and program management.

  • Lower your organizational cybersecurity risk exposure
  • Prioritize your cybersecurity investments with quantitative decision making
  • Supplement your team with cybersecurity processes, policies and experts to lower your risk
Fractional CIO

CISO As a Service

Many organizations find it difficult to justify hiring a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Regardless, their business still requires more attention to cybersecurity. Texas CIO Partners provides a fractional, CISO-as-a-Service model that is affordable and integrated into your operations.

Fractional CIO

Compliance and Controls

HIPAA, SOX, PCI, GLBA, and FISMA compliance are just some of the bars companies need to adhere to. Some companies need to go beyond and understand NIST, ISO or CoBIT. A seasoned CISO can break these down and help you get there.

Fractional CIO

Compliance / Governance

A CISO can provide a comprehensive view of your network and infrastructure. This ensures you have compliance and governance of your valuable information.

Fractional CIO

Risk Management

A CISO will understand security risk and the impact it may have on the company. A goal of the CISO is to navigate the risk tolerance of the C-suite and put in a security plan that exceeds that.

Fractional CIO

SOC Audits

Our security personnel will perform an in-depth assessment helping to identify gaps in your cybersecurity operations and incident response program.

Fractional CIO

Security Assessments

A cybersecurity assessment examines your security controls and rates how they stack up against vulnerabilities. It will identify threats, determine risk and analyze the environment.