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 A CIO to transition your enterprise

Maybe your company is in-between CIOs. Maybe you want another point-of-view on technology. Maybe you are asking questions like “How can we monetize our data?” Regardless, there are multiple reasons your company can benefit from a seasoned technology veteran.

Our fractional CIOs can start help transition your enterprise business IT needs to that resembling a larger company. You can start realizing benefits of more complex systems.

Fractional CIO

Grow the Business

What are the critical IT systems and services required to support and grow the business? 

What is your future state vision for these systems and can they deliver?


Technology Roadmap

What is the roadmap from the perspectives of organization, processes, and technologies?

What are the best practices being applied to mitigate risk and close gaps?


Future Proofing

What is the current state of these systems and services in terms of architectural best practices, stability, maintainability, ability to scale with business growth, flexibility to adjust to quickly changing business conditions, and quality assurance?


Vendor Management

Are they charging you regular rates but providing bare bones services, creating delays in issue resolution or creating risks on stability or security?

Are you being taken advantage of on software or hardware pass-through purchases, or with kickbacks?