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 Choosing the Right ERP SOFTWARE

Implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software technology or upgrading an existing ERP system is one of the more complex and costly projects an organization faces. ERP systems can be game changers. Done right, it adds efficiencies to a company’s operation and processes. Done poorly or chosen incorrectly, it can be a drag on the bottom line.

It is not uncommon for many ERP projects to run over budget, experience major delays, or miss ROI projections.

A fractional CIO has the selection and implementation experience, but not the biased vendor relationships. Someone who is in your corner with the advice and who has been there before.

Fractional CIO

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

We have deep experience helping companies select software. This experience spans: ERP (enterprise resource planning), HR, EHS (environmental health and safety) and EHR (electronic health records).  We have the know-how and experience to help you get the maximum ROI.

Fractional CIO

enterprise resource planning (ERP) software technology

There are many reasons why software investments fail to live up to their promised ROI. An uninformed selection process usually does not help. You need to make sure all stakeholders are involved, understand key objectives, uncover agendas and balance the competing interests of executives, users and vendors.


Fractional CIO

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) offers

Choosing the right software can have a big impact in your company. That impact could go either way. Vendor information is not objective. You cannot rely on the techie who wants to add to their resume.

Fractional CIO

Best ERP Choice

You deserve an unbiased approach. Our CIOs can help you identify, select, and implement the technology solutions that are the best match for your organization. We can do so objectively and agnostically.