Maybe we need to look into getting a CIO.

Or maybe just part of one…

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 Maybe we need to look into getting a CIO


A Fractional CIO makes sense for business owners and companies for many reasons. 

The best case for a Fractional CIO is minimizing technology risk. Your need to focus on business priorities, not the ever-changing technology landscape. As your business grows, it is difficult to keep the pulse of sales, administration, and finance to make sure they are all optimally functioning. A good Fractional CIO keeps IT systems and processes in alignment. You can focus on your growing your business.

A Fractional CIO brings systems and major functions of your business together. A good employee-onboarding system helps you and HR provide new employees a great first-day experience. That same system keeps your company data safe when employees exit the company.

Having a Fractional CIO stays helps you stay tuned to the technology trends in your industry. They translate industry trends as it relates to IT. Manufacturing leaders know they need to consider IoT (internet of things), but they don’t know where to start or measure the business impact.


ERP Selection

Implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software technology or upgrading an existing ERP system is one of the more complex and costly projects an organization faces. Make sure you are looking around every corner and reducing your risk.


Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery planning is the procedures and communications you deploy before, during and after an event. The goal is to dramatically reduce or preferably, eliminate downtime. This ensures the data, networks, systems, employees and locations are up and going.


Executive Search

When you are sure you need a CIO or CTO for the long term. You need more than a job board posting to fill a role like this. You need to bring in a partner who knows who the players are and has the ability to reach out to them.


MSP Selection

Whether you are looking to engage an MSP for the first time or thinking your MSP is not doing everything they promised, Texas CIO Partner can be your trusted advisor during the process. Our CIOs have worked with multiple MSPs and can help you get the most out of the relationship.

Fractional CIO

IT Asset Management

IT asset management (also known as ITAM) is the process of ensuring an organization’s assets are accounted for, deployed, maintained, upgraded, and disposed of when the time comes. Put simply, it’s making sure that the valuable items, tangible and intangible, in your organization are tracked and being used.

Fractional CIO

Incident Management

Incident management is the process to respond to an unplanned event or service interruption and restore the service to its operational state. Considering all the software services organizations rely on today, there are more potential failure points than ever, so this process must be ready to quickly respond to and resolve issues.