Should I sign that MSP Contract?

Should I switch MSPs?

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 Who are Managed Service Providers?

Fewer companies are hiring their own IT people. Instead, they are turning to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to run all or part of the IT operation for them. MSPs come in a variety of sizes, service offerings and capabilities. The landscape of MSPs is always changing.

Any company thinking about using an MSP has a lot of decisions. Management has to divert their attention from the core business to learn enough to make these decisions. Too often, management never learns enough, but learns the minimum. And is taught by the vendor.

If a company selected an MSP two years ago and is just on “auto-renew”, they may be missing out on cost savings or leaving service options on the table.

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Changing Business

You may have grown. You may have shrunk due to COVID. What you need from an MSP is different today than a year ago. It will be different a year compared to now. Is you MSP treating you as business-as-usual? Your business is a constantly moving target. If your MSP is not anticipating that, they are either costing you money or holding you back.


Recurring issues

Problems that go away by themselves come back by themselves.  Are you having recurring issues? Is the same problem coming back in slightly different ways? This could be training issues or perhaps the MSP staff is in over their heads. This is a good sign that your MSP does not have the right people assigned to you.


They don’t get it

Nothing is more disappointing than when you have to explain something your expert should know. For the money MSPs charge, a company should expect the technicians to know the technical answers or to know how to find it out. When your own people are figuring out the problems and answers before the MSP technicians are, it may be time to move to another.

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They don’t get us

Every business is different. There may be certain times every month or a seasonal period where your computer operations become more critical. There is a reason retail stores remodel in the summer and not in December. Your MSP needs to understand the critical periods or department within your company. If they cannot tell the difference, you need an MSP that can.