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 Oil & Gas company is not the same as other industries

Being a CIO for an Oil & Gas company is not the same as in healthcare or automotive. There are different software options, different languages and different needs. A good CIO knows the technology but also knows the business.

Our fractional CIOs can start help transition your oil and gas business IT needs to that resembling a larger company. You can start realizing benefits of more complex systems.

Fractional CIO

Digital Transformation

Most oil and gas companies have started digital transformation projects recently. Many technology-enabled use cases have been identified, built, and tested. However, successes is not 100% in Oil & Gas.

Fractional CIO

CIO Mandate

Technology must be rapidly transformed to handle the transaction volumes, user expectations, and security requirements of the digital age. Oil and gas companies need a CIO with a mandate to change the way business uses technology.

Fractional CIO

O&G Unique Needs

Oil and gas companies need access to innovative technologies to keep operations efficient and safe. They need reliable tools to communication. Employees at remote job sites need to collect, store, and transmit massive amounts of data in real-time.

Fractional CIO

we get it

Whether your business is midstream, upstream or downstream, our CIOs understand the critical technologies you need to succeed. Our talented teams of CIOs and CTOs speak your language.