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 FRACTIONAL CIOs for Small Business

Congratulations! You have success as a small business. You have a product or service and are growing. There comes a point for many small businesses where relying on Quickbooks or the CRM has to integrate with other systems. You can probably figure it out on your own, but that is never the best use of a small business owner. If you want to eventually sell your company, having IT processes and systems in place increases your value.

Our fractional CIOs can transition your small business technology to one resembling a larger company. You can start realizing benefits of more complex systems.

Fractional CIO


Many companies have a hard time justifying a full-time Chief Information Security Officer. Still, their business requires a high level of security to maintain operations. Texas CIO Partners offer a fractional Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) model that is affordable and keeps you safe.


develop software

Have an idea for a software product or app? How do you get it developed and where? What language and tech-stack do you use? Where are you going to host it? What do you need to provide developers? These are questions you need to ask. We can help you get the answers.