We have a great idea for software.

Now what?

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So you have an idea for Software or an App, but not the team to make it happen? Have you outsourced your development and it’s not going well? Are you getting multiple recommendations for how to develop? Is it making your head spin?

Our team of CIOs with software development backgrounds can help. We have seen projects go well and projects that blow through budgets and timelines. We know how to achieve the first and avoid the latter.

If you just want a conversation to know that you are doing the right things or need a partner to walk by you through the entire process, we can help.


Buy or build

Before building an application, it makes sense to evaluate the competition or see if someone has already solved your problem. There is a lot of software out there and we have researched and evaluated multiple solutions. 

Fractional CIO

create an RFP

No one wants to start a project only to soon realize it will take 4x-10x the original budget to complete. The first step to avoid this is to develop an in-depth request for proposal so your potential development teams know how to accurately bid.


Technology selection

You can build your software with .NET, PWA, Java or several other technology stacks. Which is the best way to go? How do you decide? We know how to walk you through the decision.



We can be your partner during the development process to help with quality control, project management or to be your eyes with the dev team.