Do You Need a Speaker?

Need a Speaker?

Do you have an event or meeting that needs a speaker? Many of our CIOs have spoken at events, trade shows and  online meetings. Some of the topics our group covers include: 

  • Planning your IT career (new grad / mid / experienced)
  • The future of work
  • How to get into IT
  • Why we need more women in IT
  • Why Technical Talent is getting harder to find, and will continue to
  • How to keep your Top Talent
  • Why QA and software developers do not get along?
  • What is Digital Transformation
  • IT and Software jobs will double in 10 years
  • If you are in IT, you do not need to worry. (Why you might if you are not.)
  • Tell your kids to major in STEM
  • IT Jobs during the pandemic and recovery (How many, who is getting let go, what companies are looking for)

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