I will try and convey a few actual existence examples and fashionable definitions that will help you higher understand.  A accurate place to begin is the same old definition. Note: each BC and DR are critical for a corporation, having one and now no longer the opposite places a corporation at risk. According to DRI International:

  1. Business Continuity: An ongoing procedure to make sure that the vital steps are taken to pick out the effect of ability losses and preserve possible restoration strategies, restoration plans, and continuity of services. (NFPA 1600)
  2. Disaster Recovery (DR): The technical component of enterprise continuity. The series of sources and sports to re-set up statistics era services (which includes additives along with infrastructure, telecommunications, systems, packages and data) at an trade web website online following a disruption of IT services. Disaster restoration consists of next resumption and recuperation of these operations at a extra everlasting web website online. (DRJ)